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Electric RC Toys

Website and Company Overview

Electric RC Toys
ElectricRCToys is home to children that love electronic and remote control devices, and even for adults that haven´t let go of their inner child. Enter www.electrictoys.com and get acquainted with the clean and minimalistic style of the website. The site offers all sorts of radio control toys, peripherals and accessories. We invite you to browse it and to get the different categories the site has. Some of the categories are RC Parts and Accessories, RC Toys, Remote Control Peripherals/Devices, Upgrade Parts and Accessories.

One of the key categories is RC Toys, which enlists a whole subcategory of toys such as airplanes, cars, helicopters, drones, motorcycles, submarines, tanks, trains, trucks and simulators. This part of the website could make any kid drool. When you click on the categories you´ll only find top of the line articles, at a reasonable price. For example in the RC Airplane sub category you´ll find articles that range between 60 and 300 pounds. Airplanes come in many sizes, colors and general design. You can, for example, buy a typical commercial Boeing, a vintage looking aircraft or a fighter jet.

In RC Parts and Accessories you´ll find a wide range of additional parts you can add to the electronic toys. You´ll find accessories for airplanes, boats, cars, helicopters, drones, motorcycles, tanks, trains and trucks. You will be able to find many types of useful transmitters, batteries, controllers, cables, chargers, pins, screws, racing spare parts, plus a lot more electronic devices. This is another way of getting more involved with the toys, since everything needs upkeep and care and we´ll always want the last gadget that improves our toy.

If you go to the RC Bajas category you´ll find all sorts of monster trucks with crazy designs, the RC Cars section will also show you different styles of electrical cars. Some are sporty, some are huge, and some are vintage. Prices range from 22 to 600 pounds and there are all types of drones in different colors. Some are quadcopters, some have cameras, some last longer that other and they all have different features. In the RC Train category you will find the latest designs in trains and different tracks you can build.

The Remote Contol Peripherals/Devices has many other quadcopters, and lots of spare parts for these devices such as batteries, dischargers, motors and remote controllers, among others.

Other advantages

Another great advantage this company offers is their shipping and delivery service, since it is active in more than 200 countries all over the world, there are only a few countries that this company doesn´t ship to and you can keep track of your delivery at all times. As you have been able to learn, there is also a wide range of prices, and some are actually a great bargain, since these are normally expensive products.

All of these products come with their own user manual and their price depends on lot factors like battery life span, signal reach and overall quality of the materials. Try inviting your kid to browse some of our products, at your own risk. We have done many tests with our target audience and they seem to be attracted a lot to our website but most importantly, to our products. Kids love us and it´s primarily because being a kid today means to be constantly exposed to way too much stimuli. A combination of media, digital technology and other technological keep today´s children in a constant learning cycle. Information is everywhere

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